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Film & Television

Film friendly. A term often used to describe Local Authorities, Land Owners and the like, but also one of great importance for us.

It is our belief that our understanding of the challenges faced by Film and Television productions when filming on location is what sets us apart from our competitors. Camera angles, background, genie booms, tech parking – these and many more can impact on the integrity of a Traffic Management plan if not addressed correctly.

As with any Traffic Management provider, LATM are required to operate within the parameters of the New Roads and Street Works Act and Chapter 8 of the Signs Manual. Our knowledge of this legislation coupled with our understanding of our clients goals enables us to identify potential issues in the planning stages and provide a solution that gives you the control you need on the day.

Our Traffic Management operatives are all experienced in film location work and are adaptable to the task at hand. Our Supervisors remain on set throughout the shoot to co-ordinate traffic holds and relay pertinent information to and from lock-offs or closure points.

Our extensive equipment resources, experienced Supervisors and Operatives and our knowledge of the industry we specialise in give us the flexibility to handle any job regardless of size or complexity, from a simple Stop & Go to a complex Closure and Diversion scheme.